How Can You Protect Your Mind and Wellbeing in Your Heart-Centered Vocation?

Caring for yourself is not a luxury.

Caregivers need to care for yourself too.

So many of the people I support and empower that work within heart centred vocations whether as a professional, volunteer or home carer, all of these mainly focus on the needs of other people, and most forget to ask  “How can I protect my mind and wellbeing whilst taking care of everyone else,” until they need my help and support.

My response is firm and comes from a place of experience, “INSTILL healthy boundaries, not only are they vital to your wellbeing, its the only route to self-empowerment and the best way to achieve emotional, psychological and physical health”.

Do you resonate? I know many of you want to make a difference in this world, believing that sacrificing yourself, is the way to do it. I want to let you know that working this way will not only burn you out, it will also stop you from doing what you were born to do and that’s changing peoples lives for the better.

I have discovered when you have clarity in who you are and what your purpose is, it directs your footsteps and sharpens the mind.

How did your day begin?  Did it start with a daily practice of gratitude, prayer or meditation, or did you stretch out your arms to reach for your phone? If you went for the latter, then you consciously, or unconsciously chose to seek validation of the outside, rather than build yourself up on the inside. 

The Royal College of Nursing latest figures reveals that over 33,000 nurses have left the profession in a year. This is not considering the radical reduction in numbers of doctors, teachers, police and prison officers and the huge increased demands on healthcare workers and home carers.  

Today I want to offer the first 10 people to click the button below an opportunity to receive a COMPLIMENTARY Mindset Coaching Call with me plus the opportunity of a FREE place on my new – just launching Self-Carefor the Caregiver online workshop (a saving of £99). The goal is to empower both your mind and your wellbeing.

Over the years I have worked in many countries, Holland, Germany, Spain, Middle East, USA and the UK in many professional fields within education and medicine, I have been published internationally in Forbes, Daily Mail, CEO Today Magazine, as well as several successful books, the latest being Caring for the Caregiver.

In all of these places, caregivers are suffering from giving too much of themselves away on a daily basis. Learning to care for yourself as much as you care for others is a necessity, not a luxury.
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Looking for ward to being able to help you settle your mind and mend your heart.


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