Starter Plus Pack
Getting started in self development is very scary, it is not something you do on a whim. It is very personal and needs great interaction between the mentor and mentee, many things depend on compatibility and there should never be any pushing or rushing, as this is counter productive.

Many people lay out loads of money only to find “it´s not for me¨ So, just to dip your toes in and see what I have to offer the starter pack gives you my Ebook, Personal Coaching for Change which is very proactive and can help you through the process of change in your life; the Daily Thoughts sent to your mail box to keep your mind on the development track, also a great 1 hr interactive Webinar call per week where I also take questions and the wonderful bonus of12 Personal Emails to me a month, anything you want to ask, any worries or questions you may have about getting started in self development.

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