Is the next step in the ladder, for people who are spending a little more time of their personal or professional development, this package give you the opportunity to ask questions, clear up any worries or concerns you have, it is a great way of cementing your personal progression to a newer outlook on life and yourself.

My eBook Personal Mentoring for Change is a proactive book and a mini course in its own right, it takes you on a journey of how to change anything you want to in your life. You also get the daily Thought of the Day to you mail box, to give you a message to make you think about your personal development and keep your mind opening. You can join me on a weekly, interactive 1hr Webinar, where each week I will be training on specific points of personal and professional development. The absolutely personal part off the package is the 20 emails you can send me in a month, which I guarantee to answer, so it is like having your own personal mentor on hand 24/7.

The amazing difference in this package is that you also have a personal weekly 20 min call with me, so anything you need to discuss we can or I can use the time to personally train you, that is entirely up to you.

Self development is not a race, but it needs discipline and dedication, just like any athlete it needs training and a coach. Learning by yourself can be tedious and not fully productive, so this package really is the point where you can break into being personally mentored and taking your self development up a gear.

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