Life and business are like the changing seasons. The real challenge of life is to learn how to handle the winter and take advantage of the spring. Winter always comes, but so does the spring. Night follows day, but also day follows night. Yes, the tide goes out, but it always comes back in. Opportunity follows difficulty as surely as difficulty follows opportunity.

The seasons like time come and go, the trends come and go on the global market just as the fashions and hairstyles do. No matter what is going on in your life and business it is going to be passing to, make the most of the Spring with fresh new ideas, nurture them well through the blaze of the Summer, reap all the benefits or your work in the Autumn, stock up your store cupboard for the winter.

It does not just mean on food but on love, memories, business, finances, all areas of life. But one thing is for sure, that the more times you go through these cycles of light and dark the more you become aware of them and prepare for them

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