Without a doubt all the hundreds and thousands of people that I have met over the years on any self development plan the words self confidence have caused the most trauma and pain. In personal sessions, groups, seminars and even large public meetings tears have been shed, the emotions of low self esteem are physically and psychologically painful.

People go to great lengths not to look in a mirror, or even have mirrors in their homes. They get very adapt at looking just at their hair (which never looks right), standing naked in front of a full length mirror and really looking at yourself is one of the hardest things to do with low self esteem as we will never like what we see.

Changing our thoughts about ourselves, makes us feel better about ourselves and lets us see ourselves in a better way. Self acceptance is the open door to high self esteem, high self esteem gives you self confidence. Self confidence give you a whole new view of life and that is self development. Learning to love yourself and living in your own skin, then whatever you want to achieve is just so easy.

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