We all do it, talking to ourselves blaming, shaming and beating ourselves up. We keep saying how stupid we are, how clumsy, what an idiot!! then the even better bit; we answer ourselves “you know what you are like”, “what do you expect, I do that all the time”, “I did not mean to, I just did not see it”
Sometimes I hate to think how many times we put ourselves down in a day. Then multiply it by 7 days a week, then by weeks in a month and months in a year, how many years have we done it!!! No wonder we know how bad we are. We would never have treated a friend like that, so why do we think it is ok to inflict it on ourselves?
Time to stop and praise, encourage and support ourselves, it will feel strange at first, but it gets easier……go on try it, you´re well worth it.

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