3 Reasons Why Gratitude is an Essential Trait of a Successful Entrepreneur

3 Reasons Why Gratitude is an Essential Trait of a Successful Entrepreneur

thanks  Entrepreneurs are seen as adventurous, brave, risk takers, but for many people entrepreneurship comes from desperation, disappointment, frustration   and anger. Maybe it is even seen as the last possible alternative to being entrenched in a quagmire of professional unfulfillment and unhappiness.  However you arrive at brand “You”, one thing is for sure, you will have to work hard at it every day, if you want to be successful.

The blissful idyllic dreams of working from a thatched cabana on a sun kissed, white beach and an azure blue sea just a few feet away, are usually a long way from reality.  A truer picture is a cluttered spare bedroom, overloaded kitchen/dining room table, or even your garage, but no matter where your acorn is based for it to grow into a sturdy business oak over time you will need help, support and guidance.  Do not underestimate the value of those around you, an entrepreneur cannot travel their growth journey alone.  

Gratitude to family and friends, these will usually be your first testers, critics, odd job/free labour and very often customers; without them, it would be a very difficult start for any entrepreneur, their understanding, patience and encouragement (even if they are a doubting Thomas)  will spur you on and help keep you focused.  As your business grows they are often your loudest promoters, how proud they are of you.

Gratitude to peers, networking is a huge part of entrepreneurship, meeting like minded people and others travelling the same road, helps make the journey so very much more enjoyable.  Sometimes it is seems tedious repeatedly going to groups or keeping up contact on Social Media, but every single one will bring its own rewards and powerful connections.  Interacting with others, means you can help them and be helped, saving time, money, heartache and dispelling a lot of bewilderment of what to do/go next.  There is always somebody one or five steps in front of you and behind you, great way to practice your business ideas on professional people at a minimum of cost.

Gratitude to mentors, although many entrepreneurs see this as an unnecessary outlay especially at the outset, it is probably the one area that should be a priority.  Being bombarded by wonderful, amazing, miracle offers from all directions your mentor will keep you focused on your business and your needs.  Being teachable is probably the one major characteristic that many entrepreneurs overlook, and very often they pay very dearly for it, emotionally and financially.  A good mentor will take years off your development journey and launch your business into upper leagues much sooner than struggling along on your own.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for any entrepreneur of any age, or experience is self belief, on the rocky days (we all have them) having family, friends, peers and mentors around you, will get you through because the biggest inputs require from you for success are consistency, constancy, dedication and determination; be thankful to all of them, quote them and share their input.  It will help others treading the same path, to know “it is not just me, that…..”

Sometimes a “thank you” seems like so little, for so much; but it means so very much to your supporters that you are achieving, that is all they need.  Unless you are Oprah and hire a massive cruise ship to take all of your peeps on an all expensive paid  Mediterranean cruise for a week!  – Well, you just never know, the next one could be you and yours!

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