3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs are Frustrated, Fed Up and Floundering

Linda Sage


3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs are Frustrated, Fed Up and Floundering

Entrepreneurship is a dream for many people all around the world, it often seems like the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Getting away from horrible bosses, crowded rush hour commutes and boring daily jobs, to an opportunity that seems to offer freedom, flexibility and financial security.  However, in reality entrepreneurship is more like a journey down the Yellow Brick Road, fraught with challenges, changes, competitiveness, but also finding compassion and courage.  Wizard-of-Oz-

There are no age, gender, social status, colour or creed limitations on entrepreneurship, except the ones you adopt yourself; too old, too young, it’s hard for a woman/man, when I have left university, when I am married, when the kids have grown, when the mortgage is paid off, when I retire, when, when, when….  If you have a passion, that you develop into a product  or service, you have your business; all you are missing is YOU.

Three of the reasons why most entrepreneurs are frustrated, fed up and floundering:

  • Mindset: Just like the Strawman, re-training your brain, believing in yourself and your abilities. Changing your mindset from employee, to business owner is a huge step. Your attitude, if you do not believe in you, your product/service; then why should anyone else?  Open up to learning, the journey to success is not a straight line, there are many twists, turns and bumps, but many have trod the path before, so learn from them.  Find people that understand where you are and where you want to go; that can help and guide you on the way.  Conquering your mindset, making it positive and powerful is your greatest asset, both professionally and personally.


  • Courage: Just like the Lion, entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted; determination, persistence and presence need to be your amour against the negative wizards and wicked witches which you will encounter, many along the way. Courage to sidestep obstacles, especially from people close to you, be willing to defend your decisions and direction.  Support others on the same journey and be willing to be supported by others heading in the same direction.


  • Sincerity: Just like to the Tin Man, business these days especially entrepreneurship is not just back stabbing, hardnosed, heavy handed tactics.  People do business with people, building relationships, supporting others and mutual respect, get you the reputation people want to do business with.  As an entrepreneur,  you are your business/product/service, if others do not feel that you are genuine and sincere in yourself, they will do business elsewhere.  Liaisons, working with others, networking and group involvement are all key requisites, being yourself and being open to others whether, clients, colleagues or collaborators, being yourself will attract the right people to you.

Just like Dorothy and her three friends, you learn a lot about yourself on your entrepreneurial journey, you need to work with others, you have to accept help and support and you certainly have to be willing to open your mind to looking at situations in a new way.  The magical aspect of your transformation is that just like the travelers to Oz, who found out that they already had all of their perceived lack of abilities, you too already have all you need to succeed.  You may need to learn skills such as Social Media, marketing, time management, public speaking, or accounting, but there again nobody was born with any of them, they can be acquired.  The very basics of mindset, courage and sincerity are already installed, you just have to fine tune them to enhance yourself and in turn your outcomes and income will magically transform too.


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