3 Ways to Beat Your Inner Critic & Achieve Your Goals

17th January is my birthday, but it is also the statistical day that people give up on their New Year’s resolutions, then do you wait another 348 days until the next 1st January to start again?

News Year’s resolutions are only goals, you can set goals any time of the year, any day, any time and we do it all the time without thinking. Being somewhere on time, meeting a friend, going to the dentist/hairdresser, putting the rubbish out for collection, these are all goals, some we write down like appointments, some we keep in our heads. Our goals whether, small or large, near or far are all promises we are making to ourselves. Funnily enough, if our goals involve somebody else we strive harder to achieve them if we feel they are just for us, we give up on them more easily.

How many of us make a promise in the shower in the morning, “today is the day I will…..” does not matter what it is, but if you are then breaking it for other people and repeating the same thing the next day and the next, it seems to have less value and means less when we break it. Keep our promises to ourself is paramount for success, in whatever form, being happy, healthy, finanically, educationally or personally. If we do not take our committment to ourself seriously, why should anyone else?

3 Keys to Keeping Your Promises to Yourself and Achieving Your Goals

Know your why:

If you do not know why you are doing something or what you are going to get out of it, there is no reason to achieve it.

Make it strong and real in your mind – now is your current reality – you design your future reality. Grab your passion (I am talking about your positive energy) harness it to your why, because goals and promises with passion and action are achieved.

Crunch your inner critic:

We were not born with this critic, it has developed and grown with us, so everything that has been learnt, can be unlearnt and replaced with something more constructive. Everytime you tell yourself you can’t do something, just add the word yet to the end of the sentence, it is very empowering and helps you keep your promises to yourself and in turn achieve those goals you set.

Positive people around you:

Negative energy like positive energy is contagious, if you are battling your environment and people around you, then you will need to use extra passion and energy to move forward, but finding like minded people, positive environments, whether physical or virtual it is like recharging your phone or gadgets. A regular plug in to the positive environment makes moving forward much easier, smoother and enjoyable.

One thing is that not everyone around you will be on the journey with you, that is part of the change. Just think about your life so far. do you have the same friends you had at 5 years old, are you still hanging out with your teenage mates, have you ever had only one love? You will find that people come and go, some stay longer, some shorter and some a lifetime, but toxic relationships are the ones to identify and move on from as quickly as possible.

Everyday is the same as the 1st January, when it come to setting goals, but if you write them down, put your passion into them and work towards them with people who recharge your possitve passion, you will last long beyong the 17 days. Your new horizon, your new life and how you want to be are all there waiting for you. Decide today, take action today and each tomorrow will be different.

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