Getting Your Confidence Back

Linda Sage

Guest Blog by Donna Kalantar

I  help others to get their self confidence back.

monat  How do I do that you ask?  Well, I work from home and share Monat hair care products.  These products are proven to be 99% effective.

It regrows hair, strengths and reverses the aging process while giving you back your self confidence.  We have a line and products for the WHOLE FAMILY.

A little about me, I had severe dandruff  for two years, after just one wash with this amazing product, I had only two flakes.  Then, after the second wash, I could not see any…I still can’t believe that it is true!!  At this point I had only used it for 6 days!!  But, it is true!! To think that  before this, I was only using expensive salon shampoos and conditioners with minimal improvement.

Yes, I was very depressed and afraid of the public seeing me and my embarrassing problem!

hair  So naturally I started using the product after becoming a Market Partner.  Now I’m proud to show off my luscious hair, and love washing my hair again.

But I’m most proud that I get to help others, not just with their hair issues or financial problems. Simply by sharing the opportunity with them to make extra money…but, while they repair their hair and improve their quality of living!  They’re making a LEGACY AMOUNT OF MONEY!!  Earning a FREE CADILLAC of their choosing! (That is easy to achieve and bought by the company outright, it is yours!) the only thing is it has to be WHITE in color is all! This happens fast and at the beginning of their Monat journey.  Not the end.

To get paid residual income, just for washing their hair and sharing information!I so love what I do!

If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll be glad to help and find out your needs, and the needs of your family! You can friend me on Facebook or Instagram using my name or email me at

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