Accountability Makes the Difference

Yesterday, I came back to WordPress because I have been receiving mails saying people are joining my Blog, to my amazement when I actually looked at my Blog I had not posted since the summer of 2011.  Now over three years down the line that seems a lifetime ago.

Just after that I left Spain to go to Saudi Arabia, I am still there now, but what a journey it has been and the amazing people I have met, things I have seem and places I have been.  So, now is time to set this right and bring things to life again.

When I was working in Spain I had a business partner that did all my social and online marketing and under his watchful and demanding eye my postings were regular, when I lost that reminder, nagging and support, everything stopped.  Over these two days I have been thinking about accountability, not only for my blogs, but in all areas.  So with no more ado, I will take my own accountability to do the things for me that I need to do.

That way I know I need to stay on top of all areas that affect me and where I want to be, giving up responsibility to others only makes us give up when there is any obstacles or hardships, making promises to others, tell people what you are doing and then do it.  I teach these things, then here I am doing the opposite.  So, thank you for your support and reading my blog, now I will undertake to complete it, so that there is something to read on a regular basis!

Note to self, remember not only to teach but to learn, then out into practice!

Have a great day


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