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Linda Sage

Linda’s Books are available and varied Broadcasts can also be heard on the Media Page

Caring for the Caregivers Books and Course

Is a proactive and effective book to reset your mindset to care for yourself as much as you care for others.  As caregivers in any form professional, voluntary, home based or entrepreneurship, if you are giving of yourself on a daily or regular basis and not refuelling, you will end up burning out.  Caring for yourself is not egoistic or selfish, it is showing others you value yourself and you are teaching those around you the need to prioritise self care.

A – Z Building Emotional Resilience

Short vox-pops for each letter of the alphabet to support you in building your emotional resilience and psychological well being.  Visit as often as you like.

Stressbuster Radio Show on ELFM 

Time to chill and enjoy wonderful interviews, music and insights into all areas of well being, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual. The interviewees come from all backgrounds, professional and voluntary, many are sharing their personal experiences.

Business Networking Radio Show

Going into business for yourself is a dream of many, but for 92% in the first year, it becomes a nightmare.  Open, frank interviews with people who have circumnavigated the rocks in the road and share their experience.  These business owners come from all backgrounds and size of businesses, they have gone through problems and kept businesses afloat in hard times.  Their knowledge, experience, and wisdom offers up many golden nuggets for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike.  If you want to grow yourself and your business, you need to learn from others on the same path.

Chat, music, and plenty of golden nuggets to help you in your business.

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