Call Me Crazy

Linda Sage

Call me crazy, but in today’s world of fast food, quickie divorces, and instant messaging do we take for granted the now?

At present, this moment, what do you actually, smell, see, feel and think?  Until I was asked this same question by my mentor, I like most people are so wrapped up in the what’s coming next, to focus totally on the now.

I hear so many people say “time goes much faster now,” it really doesn’t go any faster than those long, boring school holidays, or the endless minutes until the class was dismissed.  It just seems so, because we jam so much more into the minutes, we totally take for granted the expectation of tomorrow, next week, next year……. But who has any guarantee?

Call me crazy for feeling like life is a merry-go-round and I am bouncing up and down as the bright colours of the horses and life whiz by, all getting mixed up and intertwined.  Until we choose to get off, sometimes feeling a bit light headed or disorientated after spinning round and round.  Some people feel like that at the end of each day, by the time our feet heavily lift into bed, our body sinks in into the mattress and our head hits the pillow exhausted, but then some amazing mechanism clicks in and the brain starts to whiz again!  The much needed sleep and relaxation are elusive and unattainable, thus setting up the next day in a less than perfect way.  And so, it goes on.

If you are in business for yourself,  working for another or even being a full time parent and spouse, your abilities decline a little every day, your enthusiasm, your tolerance, your self value and your motivation.  This soon becomes an ever increasing downward spiral, getting more and more difficult to break.  Work becomes hard, relationships tense to breaking point and your health, wellbeing and desires dwindle.

There are so many opportunities, openings and choices that often the amount in itself is confusing. Call me crazy for being old fashioned, but pen and paper are still therapeutic, just sitting and creating lists relieves tension.  Look at your life, what are you spending a lot of your day doing?  What are the important areas you need to be fully focused on? Sort out your priorities, then build your days from the most important to the least important.

Totally focusing on what you are doing is hugely more productive, than trying to get 5 things done at the same time. Even if you only allot each item 5 mins, five full minutes of your undivided attention goes a long way.  Just as a tester, see how much you can get done in one evening, just during the commercials.  Or play a song you really like and relax, just a few mins , but makes a big difference.

It is so easy to get side tracked, build your guidelines and drop the rubbish, pay attention to now, experience it fully and appreciate it.  You will see very soon that you are feeling better, your achievements are better and you can enjoy life each and every minute of it.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think that is a bad way to live.

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