Self-Care Development for Caregivers On & Off Line

What is the problem?

  • Care givers are not protected or cared for.
  • Care givers are increasing in numbers with an increasing reliance on them by care recipient
  • Nationally the NHS are not able to provide care services for the carer.
  • Long term stress related damage is often unseen with unforeseen consequences for the future. This can affect both the ability to ‘care’ and ability to have a normalised life.
  • More males are entering the care world a both recipients and providers – traditionally they have not been prepared for this need.
  • As we live longer and often in isolation the need to rely on a single source is creating real pressure that is a potential time bomb.

What is our solution?

  • To talk and listen and help the carer ‘value’ themselves
  • It provides a basis for health professionals to offer specialist care if needed.
  • Trusted, built up over many years – it works
  • It is fundable, it is available to all, it is constantly improved.
  • Bookable through our website and SM
  • Highly confidential
  • Personally delivered by a skilled professional not a robot

It solves:

  • Real and growing problems
  • Self- worth and self- esteem issues for the future
  • A growing trend of reliance and potential stress.
  • How to take control – helps understand the issue and that you are not alone.
  • How to manage the situations as they arise – saying NO.

If you’re ready to…

  • Look at your own needs, desires and goals
  • Get the best out of yourself and increase your happiness
  • Work at being your best self every day
  • Want a better work/life balance
  • Accelerate your professional development

Online Self-Care Development Package

Many caregivers today are overwhelmed, overstressed and overtired.

You are always looking for ways to get more done so you can create more moments that matter.

This will only require 45 minutes a week for you to accelerate productivity: manage your time, attention and energy.

Skype, Zoom, Facetime 45 min face to face session with Linda Sage

You will receive a variety of tools including:

  • videos
  • blogs
  • articles

… and more!

Fast acting strategies to make instant changes using highly tested and successful personalised content.

  • Where you are now
  • What is causing you distress/anxiety/stress
  • Changing the negatives to the positive
  • Offloading self-sabotaging beliefs, behaviours and habits

£240.00 – NOW 

More sessions to look in-depth in what is keeping you stuck. Identifying and restructuring your self-sabotaging ways. Off loading unhelpful baggage, re-evaluating your worth and making changes to care for yourself as much as you do others.

  • Where you are now
  • Identify the causes of your distress/anxiety/stress
  • Strategies to negate your negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes
  • Learn to say no
  • Take control of yourself and your life
  • Value your time, your needs and set healthy boundaries

£330.00 – Now 

Throughout the Lockdown time

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