What Is Coaching

When was the last time you spent time thinking about the things that really mattered to you?

When was the last time someone really listened to what you were saying, without judgement or interruption?

As your coach I will not judge you, or flood you with my opinion. This is time purely for you and our conversations will be entirely confidential.

  • Coaching is a partnership between a coach and client that inspires you, the client, to set and achieve goals in relation to your personal or professional life.
  • Coaching is a series of conversations between us which will help you concentrate on what is important to you, what changes you would like to make, and put together a plan of action to make it happen.
  • Coaching is forward looking; however, sometimes doors need to be closed on past issues as well, but we will be concentrating on how we can change things in the future.
  • Coaching holds you completely able of finding your own answers through goal setting, tools and exercises, and thought provoking questions.
  • Coaching isn’t confrontational, but it can be challenging and we will agree at the start how far you would like to be pushed outside your comfort zone. We will work on building rapport between us so that you feel confident and safe in sharing your thoughts.
  • The coaching process is simple and effective. It is energising and exciting as we concentrate on the possibilities. It may even be fun as you start to realise what you can achieve and how that makes you feel.
  • Some people feel that they can set and achieve their own goals in life, and many do. Many others find that having a coach to listen, reflect back and sometimes challenge what is (and isn’t!) being said brings a clarity and focus that was not there before. Coaching is for people who want a change.
  • Coaching can move you forward more quickly and effectively than if you act alone.

I am an experienced coach who specialises in working with people who want to improve their work/life balance, or those who feel they may be at risk of burnout/compassion fatigue and want to take action to protect themselves as well as increase their emotional resilience. I have worked    extensively with health and social care professionals, education sector workers (from nursery to university), but I also work with anyone who feels that there is ‘something missing in their lives’ and wants to take action.

Once we decide to work together, we can work out how you would like to use your time in order to identify your goals and for you to see the positive results of your actions. Clients usually book a block of between 4 and 6 sessions which can then be used as and when they need it – usually a mix of telephone calls, Skype or conference call, emails  (face to face when/where possible). Your time is flexible, but must be booked in advance, even if it is only a few hours.

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