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Caring for others starts with you, finding resources and insights here to help you, but until you stop running yourself into the ground, feeling guilty about everything and not valuing yourself you cannot feel better.  Small steps can make all the difference and help you optimise yourself, your time, your energy, and your mental/emotional wellbeing.

Self-help is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Let me help you to help yourself.

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Don’t underestimate your value to yourself or to others.  Whether you are a professional, voluntary, or home-based caregiver/provider you are enhancing somebody’s life. Yours is just as important, burnout does not come overnight, but we do go into a life of denial before we hit rock bottom and are then prepared to face how bad we feel.

Burnout is preventable, usually, we are our own worst enemy and self-sabotage ourselves at every turn until the pain, anxiety, and stress become too much. Believe me when I say “I know,” I have been there and that is why, I want others to learn the importance of using resources to care for yourself as much as you care for others, to keep you and them safe.

There is never going to be the right time to start looking after yourself, it has to be now, every time you put it off, delay, and live in denial the more damage is being done.  Coming back from burnout is a very lonely, painful experience.  Prevention is always better than cure.