Day of Awareness

Linda Sage

Do you know anyone who is addicted to negative thoughts? Perhaps it is someone closer than you think.

I am not an expert on addictions, but I’ve been told that an addiction is behaviour that is usually harmful and that controls you, rather than the other way around. Can negative thinking be an addiction? You bet it can. Can it harm you? It sure can. How can you tell if your negative thoughts are out of control? Well, the first step is awareness.
Let’s make today your Day of Awareness. As an experiment, here is something you can try, something I often ask my seminar participants to do. Try going through one whole day, 24 hours, without thinking a single negative thought. No sarcasm, no put-downs, no belittling – of others or of yourself. Yes, that includes time spent driving in traffic and during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.
Now, most people notice quite a few negative thoughts during that day of awareness. But that is not all they do. They get upset at themselves for thinking those negative thoughts, and they end up caught in a mental double negative.
So give yourself a break. Just pay attention without blaming. Notice your thought patterns for the next 24 hours. Once you become aware of how much control negative thinking has over your life, you may choose to change it. It may be a snap to change, it may not be so easy, but you can do it! First, though, raise your awareness of what is happening today – your Day of Awareness.
Here’s to a happier, more positive day and tomorrow…..

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