Entrepreneurs & Self Value

head in sand    As entrepreneurs and owners of small business your business is only as good as you are, looking after yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity and should be built into your business plan.  Hourly, daily, weekly, we have all started to work on something and then looked at the time, three or four hours have slipped effortlessly by.  In that time you have been hunched over a laptop, no break, no water and no physical movement.  This over time takes its toll.

There are reasons why in education most classes are 50 minutes with a 10 minute break, both students and teachers need the break and change of scenery and intake of fluids.  This principle is a good one to take if you are working from home, set your phone alarm and take the short breaks, your productivity and quality of work improves and by scheduling your work day into sections it means you cover more and focus on what you are doing in each section.

frazzled  As entrepreneurs you are inquisitive and when a great headline message drops into your email box, you want to have a look and click on a link…… when in fact that is exactly what you want people to do to your messages.  There have to be time to keep up with your market, for self-development and hobby reading, but these are not in your productive times, time management is the golden key for all entrepreneurs as we all have 24 hours in a day, but you choose how you spend them.  It is old fashioned in this techno age, but a physical To Do list written in pen on paper, so you can check each item off as you achieve is a mighty powerful tool.

reward-yourself  Also at the end of each achievement, it is important to acknowledge yourself and your effort, when you are working alone and you are waiting for somebody else to do it, you will wait a long time.  A long time ago, I worked with a business partner and one of his conditions was that from every sale 10% was taken for a reward pot, then each time we achieved something, we were rewarded from this pot.  It started at a small reward, maybe a special cake from a favorite baker, but as time passes the achievements increase, so do sales and so do the rewards.  This is now a practice I use in all of my various work areas, and it is great fun.

Looking after your mental as well as physical self, is looking after your business, in all cases entrepreneurs and small business owners are their business, you stop – so does your business.  It also shows your clients you are the best to work with, you look well and function well, if you are tired and miss deadlines, clients are not impressed.  You work so hard to get your clients, why lose them because you are not the best you can be?

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