From an Owl in the Dark, to a Peacock in the Park

Linda Sage

There is so much to be said for comfort, or is there? Over the past few weeks, I have emerged from my snail-like comfortable environment, cocooned in my known and comfy surroundings and belongings to being invited into a new colourful, mesmerising world of fashion and feel-good factor.

There is an old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young,” we do not always value it when we have it and it is also true that as one gets older it is easier to slip into and stay in a rut. August was the month I decided my motto would be Ask for Help, and this is exactly what I have done on many areas of my life and business, coming to the close of the month I am amazed at the progress and change that has happened in less than 30 days.

On the 4th August, I contacted Keren Beaumont to help me prepare for the High Profile Launch on the11th September, her patience and guidance through some online meetings, has certainly helped me out of my hiding owl state to joining the peacocks in the park. My last nearly 13 years has been casual comfort, 6 in Spain, light dresses and sandals and 6.5 years under an abaya in the Middle East, prior to that I literally burnt my professional garb, as I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I opted out in a massive burnout. Living in denial is very comfortable and becomes very insular, keeping others out, keeps you locked in.

I knew I was not comfortable going to meetings and feeling like the odd one out, but if you are bigger than a size 10 most fashions seem uninviting and even daunting. It is not that I stopped caring for myself, it was just that I had one style and I stuck to it, thinking it covered a lot of lumps, bumps and areas I thought were awful.

Even though Keren is petite and young, she was always warm and open, full of great ideas, helpful solutions and never saw any of the issues I saw as problems as obstacles. In fact, she saw some as bonuses! (not too much detail for our male readers). I tried clothes and colours I had not dreamt of, never in my life have I owned any trousers other than jeans, that were not black! But I do now…..

From cuts, to fabrics, colours to combinations it was a magic carpet ride to a new outlook and a new outline. The last meeting we had was talking about accessories and make-up, I have never been a person into bags and baubles, but I can see that the finishing touches make all the difference.

 After my expeditions into the shopping mania of Leeds City Centre and a couple of outer area malls, taaaa daaa the look was done and to my great pleasure, Keren was happy with it too. I felt like I have shed the rut and entered into a kaliderscope, the peacock effect and transformation was in place. A new me for the new High Profile Club Leeds. We will see how the members and guests, see it on the day.

 My experience was wonderful, I cannot thank Keren enough for her support and ideas, they were solid and easy to follow. as well as being very sound advice. I never questioned or doubted what she told me and I am so pleased that she could share her expertise and know-how with me.

 Our mind causes us to seek comfort and ease, but when we jumble that up and stretch ourselves it is amazing what we can achieve, it is never too late or too soon to start, a new start, a fresh look and set off to new horizons is never dull. Go for it and see, just like me. 

Here’s to your success.

Linda Sage MA, BA Ed(Hons), DTM

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