Go Go Gadgets

Linda Sage

Mid afternoon on a Sunday sitting snug in a coffee shop in Munich airport looking out at all the snow on the ground makes me think just a few hours earlier I was in a wet, drizzly London, and a couple of hours before that I was leaving the comfort of a snuggly duvet in Leeds!  How much we take for granted, it is true that the world is getting smaller by the day, or is it that we are used to taking engineering feats and inventions for granted.

Just looking around me, people are on the smart phones, tapping away on tables and I am here writing on a net book, which is small enough to carry everywhere with me.  I can be anywhere and work……Not that I am a cyber babe by any stretch of the imagination, but working freedom is here for those that are brave enough and want it.

Most of the things we now take for granted, have started out as the bright idea of somebody, and most of them had a hard time convincing people around them that it was a practical and needed tool.  Many of them, spent their whole life dedicated to their  invention or service, and not always saw it come to fruition, or acceptance.

As an entrepreneur you are a pioneer, just like all the people before you.  If they had not believed in their ideas and followed them through, what sort of life would we have today? We can use and improve on services and products and no doubt in years to come others will improve and develop our concepts, but if we do not make the effort, we could be holding all of mankind and evolution back.

OK, I can hear you say that is a bit dramatic, but do you think for a second that Bill Gates or  Steve Jobs thought what they started tinkering on at the very early stages that the whole world would benefit from their knowledge and determination?  Even the guy who invented the paperclip, or the staple, in their own way changed the world and made life easier for millions of people. Who’s to say you and your idea will not do the same?

All of the people seen as “over night” successes have a long story of labour and determination, before that “over night” came.  Believe in what you do, believe that you can do it and believe the need is out there.

So, from me with my net book, drinking a coffee from another invention, and enjoying a toasted bagel from another invention, with my easy wheely case by the side of me in Munch airport that is full of inventions, and services.  I am off to see what this city has to hold in new inventions and old.



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