Happy 2016

Like all the lucky people of the world, seeing a new year in happily with a glass in one hand and with friends, is a great blessing, that all too often we take for granted.

Last night for me was an occasion to be remembered, some wonderful friends from South Africa and UK, raising a glass of prohibited liquid in a country that has offered me a very alternative life for the past four years.

Happy New Year ringing in my ears, happy smiling faces, handshakes, kisses and slaps on the back, we made it to another year!  What will this one hold? Can it be the best yet?  I still believe that every new day, is like a new blank canvas that we can make the most of, or not as we choose.  Very often I know I have wanted to hide under the duvet, make excuses why the world is against me, feel like I am battling the world alone, but the truth is I still had and have the opportunity to make something – anything happen!

So, 2016 my new year, month, week and day…. starts here (ok it is already 1pm here in Saudi) but the sun is out, sky is blue and my fingers are dashing over the keypad, my new regime has already started.  Just like Bridgette Jones – note to self – do better this year!  So, gearing up with my new website, new book release, new key notes and new courses, life will be different because I am different today.

For everyone and everything in 2015 that has got me to this new chapter I am very thankful, hold onto your hats the exciting ride is just beginning. I hope many people will be coming along with me, wishing everyone a wonderful, happy, healthy 2016.



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