Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After

Do you remember the warm glowing feeling of anticipation with the words “Once upon a time”  and safe contented feeling of the book closing with the words “and they lived happily ever after.” Snuggled up with somebody who meant the world to you.

At the time maybe we do not realize just how important that time is, nor how much those stories so many years later can affect our thinking.   My favorite story of The Little Engine, chuffing away with its load, struggling up those hills, panting out the words, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can, and reaching the top, I can!

My mum’s soft voice implanted those words into a very young brain and they have stuck with me through thick and thin.

Most people of my generation are not techno geeks, in fact if like me you came dragging your heels into the techno era, but now wonder how we lived without it.  Great stories that the younger generations believe come from historic times!  However, in today’s world icons, clicks and cyber space is a huge requirement in business and everyday life.  Having lived away in various countries, communication is made so very much easier than the beautiful letters my mum used to pen on a regular basis to where ever I might be.

These recent months have seen my usual abounding persistence severely tested, I have been working on a new website and launching a book at the same time…….. arrh!  all of course via techo inventions. Being in Saudi Arabia is not one of the internet hot spots of the world either! But with my hair still in place, though at times it was a close call; today just like The Little Train Engine, I have arrived at the  “I can.” Launching  www.lindasage.com  To be honest, not without a great web builder in the UK.

So, as my  new chapter unfolds, a new story with anticipation starts and once more there is the “Once upon a time”  tingle, added with the “I think I can, I Know I can, and I can,” will no doubt combine in years to come, to be a very happy ever after ending.  At least I am still writing the story with that in mind.



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