Hate When That Happens

Linda Sage

Guest Blog by Kathleen Greene

achiever    It was a great day. I was up early. I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee. Successful morning routine. I was excited for the day and couldn’t wait to get started.

Work went well. Lots of creation going on. Good client calls. I can’t say that I handled all the crisis and drama, because there just wasn’t any that needed to be handled.

Even my evening went well. Dinner. Laundry. Workout. Journal. In bed at a good time.

Awesome-Sauce. Total Awesome-Sauce.

Woke up the next morning, and guess what?

Hit a damn brick wall!

I ended up getting up late. I felt rushed all day. I would say that I had low energy, but that would imply that there was any energy at all to speak of – there wasn’t. The whole day was just kind of – off. Nothing really bad or ugly happened. There was just no energy. Like somehow all the good of the previous day burned off all my reserves.

This has never happened to you. Right?


burnout8  The truth is that we have all experienced low energy days. They happen. There isn’t any reason for us to be so tired, to feel so out of sorts. There is nothing wrong in the world, in our lives, or with us. It’s just a low energy day.

Who knows. Maybe the planets are just out of alignment!

Recently it happened to me, as I said before. After a few hours, I gave up on deep tasks. I tried to power through, like we all do. But after a while I gave that up. I cut my workout back. And I even let myself have a couple of Oreos.

Oh hell – Some days you just need comfort over commitment!

The worst part is: I began to doubt myself. Was something wrong? Was I doing something wrong? Was it a bipolar low and I missed the signs?

It was none of those things. It was just low energy – which does happen. We can deplete our energy, and then we need to recharge. Like technology, sometimes we just need to reboot the system.

So, how do you “control alt delete”, and reboot?

feet up   This is when self-care is absolutely critical to your emotional survival. Take a nap. Listen to music. Color in those adult coloring books – or steal from your kids. Binge watch Netflix. A luxurious soaking bathtub – or just a long, hot shower with a scented body wash – depending on your obligations. Call a friend and go goof on people at the mall, or just go get a cup of coffee and laugh.

You need to do, on those low energy days, whatever you need in order to recharge your battery.

Also, next time, pay attention. When does the low happen? Try to keep track, if you can. This is so you can learn your natural rhythm. We all have a natural rhythm. It does change from time to time, but stays consistent for the most part.

It doesn’t matter what your rhythm is. It’s YOUR rhythm. It might be a high day, then a low day. Or maybe two high days and a low day. Or a high day and two low days. Or three days up and one day down.

It’s YOUR rhythm. Learn it. Embrace it. And then you can plan around it, doing heavier tasks on higher energy days, and lower tasks on lower energy days.

This way, when you have a low day – next time – you won’t feel crazy.

I mean, I’m crazy. But I’m not crazy. You know?

No one wants to feel crazy. Well, we don’t mind when we “feel” crazy, just as long as we don’t “look” crazy. Right?

I hate when that happens.


Kathleen Greene is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Life Coach. She specializes in helping women (and men) build or rebuild their confidence after a major life shift, like divorce, job change, or empty nesting. She also works with amazing women (and men) who are tired of the way things are and they want to make a major shift in their life. She is the proud momma of a tortoise cat named Tater Tot. She is obsessed with coffee, and Oreos. And she is about to release her first e-book/course. You can find her and her blog at www.kathleengreene.com . You can also find her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/KathleenEGreene .

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