How Heavy is Your Baggage?

Linda Sage

When was the last time you came home from work, or a business trip and just dropped your bag, flopped down into the nearest chair, big sigh of relief

Just a few weeks ago I was in LHR airport, in terminal 5 on a very busy Friday afternoon, there in front of a crowded British Airways desk is a man on his knees, removing items from a suitcase into a backpack.  Finally, he weighed in and the queue moved.  I went on my journey to Vegas, unpacked, repacked came home and unpacked, then I realized there were at least 8 items that I took out of my case that    I had never worn.  I thought about the man in the airport, that could have so easily have been me!

over packed suitcase 2

The generation of children whose parents have been through a war, are often taught to stock pile, have items – just in case, be prepared! Mine were just the same, in fact when my mum died in April 2006, there were tins of food in her cupboard 10 years old.

Imagine for a moment, if your suitcases, backpack or handbags weigh you down every day, how much invisible baggage are you lugging around as well?  When anyone is born, they are only pre-programmed to survive; seeking food and comfort, everything else is learnt along the way, from knowledge input and life experiences.


The truth as we come to know it is merely a perception, conditioned and coloured by life’s  journey.  All fears, phobias, phobias, beliefs and habits are carefully created over a long period of time, to reinforce the belief and for you to accept it as part of your truth. Many people  are scared of snakes, spiders or flying for example, but many others are not, the actual snake, spider or flight is the same for everyone, but your belief about it is the variant and what causes you to physically behave.  If you are scared of snakes, your belief is, this is terrible it will kill me, your behaviour is panic, sweating, nausea, palpitations of your heart and a huge desire to run away. 

However, if you are not scared, you may well have a belief that snakes are interesting, fascinating., so you thoughts are non threatening, you feel calm and your behaviour shows that by getting closer to the snake, smiling, regulated breathing with a normal pulse rate.

The key to any personal change, is not keeping the tiggers out of your life, it is all about your belief system, taking irrational thoughts, beliefs and habits and modifying them in to an internal  positive helpful support system.  Which in turn lightens your personal load considerably.

Very often as adults it is easy to give up personal accountability, phrases like “that is how I am” or “ that is just like me,”  it is certain that lack of personal accountability limits your possibilities. Remembering that you always have a choice, doing nothing is a choice, procrastinating is a choice, but so is choosing to make different decisions.  When you play golf, even a minimal 1 degree difference in striking the ball, on a regular basis is the difference between an amateur and a professional player. 1 degree difference on a flight path would take the plane to a completely different destination.


One of the first lessons you learn when you fly a plane is about the attitude of the wings, a slight change of attitude, completely changes the trajectory of the journey, your journey is also modified by your attitude, which is governed by your behaviour, which is activated by your thoughts and beliefs.  So, you have the choice, control and custody of your own outcomes.

Next time you pack your suitcase, backpack or pick your bag up, is it worth checking that you are only carrying what you need, to make your journey comfortable, effective and efficient

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