Is Your Dream for Sale?

Is Your Dream for Sale?

Have you had a moment when it seemed like every light bulb in your head popped on at the same time, and your thoughts were crystal clear? It does not happen a lot, but when it does…. Wow, it is powerful!!!   This happened to me just last week.

When I am speaking or mentoring, I always talk about the immense progress that is made by being accountable to a mentor, somebody who has your interests at heart and wants to see you progress. As part of my own development I tread the same path.

darren n craig      Very recently I started the online Storytelling Course from Darren LaCroix and Craig Valentine,  Darren’s work I was familiar with, but I had never seen Craig before.  As the programme evolved Craig told one of his stories “Your Dreams are not For Sale,” it was a very good story and Craig told it very well.

For two years I had been chasing a position with a major cruise line, as I had relinquished my dream of being a professional speaker, I consoled myself that I would have been happy bobbing around the last employable years on the high seas. I had been through a multitude of interviews in the UK and USA, in person, online and it came down to I was over qualified, but the Directorship of Training was being put together and they were very interested in me.

After reigniting my dream at Darren’s Las Vegas bootcamp last summer, I have prepared myself and launched my new website as a professional speaker, author and trainer, engagements have increased steadily and I have worked hard to maintain focus and my development for this role. The day after I heard Craig deliver his speech “Your Dreams are not for Sale” I received the email confirming that the Directorship position was now available and they were very keen for me to join them in Miami as soon as possible. Phew….. scales tipping one way or another, do I – don’t I,  then I listened to the speech again and wrote a very polite email, saying thank you but no thank you.

craig    When you are looking for support, open to information, you can find it. Craig’s dream was not for sale, and now neither is mine.  I hope in a year’s time, I can say I was as successful as he was in a year.

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