Make Your Permanent Changes in 21 Just Days

Linda Sage

choose to change     Are you struggling to lose weight, or make changes for a better you? Start with great intentions and as the day(s) go on you slip and then beat yourself up?  Sign up now at  and  join me from Monday 22nd August for a 21 day Change Challenge, it is not about any specific diet, it is all about feeling better, making changes for the better.

One thing is for sure, the twenty one days will come and go, will you be the same, weigh more; or join me to change.

I am going to do this for my change in career direction, but whatever your reason you can be supported. It is all FREE, we can all look better, feel better and become self accountable. Sign up via my website and I will send you a link to a closed Facebook Support Group page, here I will share everyday for 21 days motivational thoughts, support each other with personal progress and ask any questions to help you on your journey.


FREE Mutual Support

  • No enforced diet
  • No judgements
  • No failures

Yes to:

  • Make practical changes to see results
  • Build personal accountability
  • Move towards your personal goals

With the Closed Support Group you can feel free to share your fears, worries and stumbling blocks, get feedback and support from like minded people. No exaggerated expectations, just realistic and real personal journeys.

What have you got to lose….. and what do you have to gain?

Join me and see where we will be in just 21 days starting 22nd August until the 12th September.

Woo hoo!  I am very excited to share this journey, as I know from personal experience that the battle of the bulge is often a very lonely and depressing journey.  Breaking down those barriers is often the first step on the road to achievement.


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