My Journey from Frumpy and Grumpy to Party Princess

Linda Sage

bagShopping, shopping, shopping; since when did it get to be a national event? I have not been into the centre of Leeds on a Saturday since I moved here just over a year ago; now I know why! Everyone has told me that Leeds in a great shopping centre and although I have visited a few times – well as far as the station and M&S, last Saturday was my first emersion into the city centre shopping experience.

Let me just recap, in case you have missed the plot thus far. I have been out of the UK since 2005, when I burnt my corporate clothes and image before departing, since then I have lived in smart casual and sandals, first for 6 years in Spain and then covered by an abaya in Saudi for a further six and a half years. My personal style to say the least had become lazy and comfortable. Since joining the High Profile Club and subsequently becoming Director of the new Leeds Club, I felt it was time to revamp and create a new me to accompany the people and places I was now finding myself in.

One of the High Profile Club members is Keren Beaumont a prestigious stylist, so I asked her for help and miraculously she agreed. We had our first visual meeting after several exchanges of emails and photos, I was amazed at her accuracy and understanding of me and my needs, before we had even spoken. That hour was productive and thought-provoking, Keren is patient and detailed in her explanations, with easy to follow guides and comments.

 By the end of this call I knew my colour scheme, textures and shapes that I would be looking for, I jumped right in with a sneaky shopping trip to a close by mall, and tried on many things that I would never have thought of. To my delight, there was a new me emerging. I did my homework and looked at more fashion images than I had done in my life and once again I was surprised with my outcomes. I decided on the look I liked and suited me.

 My second call with Keren was as or maybe even more productive than the first, I came away with an idea of a shopping list and a format of what I was actually looking for. Armed with this I went into town Saturday morning, I stuck to the big names, Debenhams, Monsoon, House of Frazer, John Lewis and Harvey Nicks, (not in that order) some were enlightening and some not so, a hot day to be trying loads of clothes on, but I persevered and emerged from the last one carrying several bags and with a bounce in my step.

 I had managed to get 2 x jackets, 1 x trousers, 2 x skirts, 1 x blouse, 2 x dresses, all in those few hours, in a variety of colours new to my wardrobe. I had a friend come to the house and take pictures of the fashion parade to send to Keren and woohoo, I got a gold star. The right shapes and colours, one item immediately took my fancy and to my pleasure it took Keren’s too, so progress has been made for the launch on the 11th September for the High Profile Club breakfast.

Our next discussion was on accessories, and that is where I am today….. my next shopping venture really is into a new land of optional extras, as I sometimes change my ring, hardly ever swop necklaces, bracelet and watch are almost permanent fixtures and ear-rings never change that much. Now, I have to look at alternatives, so I will be keeping you updated on my next venture into the fashion world.


Watch this space, the launch will be worth waiting for, Keren is like my Fairy Godmother and I will be going to the ball feeling like a princess.



Linda Sage MA. BA Ed(Hons), DTM

Successful Mindset Ltd.

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