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I am thrilled to announce my re-brand to Self-Care Mastery, with the SAGE methodology and my new online course A-Z Building Emotional Resilience, along with the Wednesday Webinars and the Facebook live broadcasts.

This re-birth has been a long time coming and I have spent years as an international trainer and speaker as well as an author, writer and broadcaster. I have spent a lot of time, energy and money on developing myself to be able to offer the best possible support to healthcare and key workers, to avoid the painful, black pit of burnout.

Self-Care is not a luxury, it is a necessity

Speaking from professional but more importantly a personal knowledge and experience. I lost years of my life to isolation, depression, denial and heartache; it took me over 6 years to work in psychology again and over 11 to walk back into a prison. My mission and my passion is the obliterate burnout for all who give part of themselves to others. Denial is the worst place for us to live, but so many of us choose to stay there far too long. Until we decide to take that step out and admit to ourself, I am a mess, my life is not what I want it to be. Stop making the excuses, oh it just a bad day, or bad few days, things will get better, let’s just get through this…. etc etc The truth is, it or you won’t get better by ignoring it, it will not magically change, nor will you feel better just by wishing it.

The most bitter pill for me was the realization that all this pain, anguish, isolation and anger is preventable. Burnout does not happen overnight, and it gives us plenty of warnings to prevent the slide into the black abyss, but the stiff upper lip, the word I’m fine, I’m Ok tumble out of our mouths, without us even thinking about it, for most people that care about others, we seem to care less about ourelves and it is perpetuated by each generation of workers. Now is the time to turn the tide of stress, depression and breakdowns for all healthcare and key workers.

Never in global history have healthcare and key workers been more in demand, more necessary and more abused. You have long shifts, often without breaks or hot food, you are often expected to do more than you are qualified for and dealing with the public generally is hard, but when they are at their lowest point, scared, frustrated, anxious and in pain, your work gets even more demanding. Your expertise, knowledge and understanding are very much needed, because for the foreseeable future things are not going to get any easier.

Life also does not end at the end of your shift, home. family, friends, children all have expectations of you and your time with them. Finding time is always an excuse, but used as a reason. You wash yourself externally everyday, often more than once, so making the same time for the inner you, is not too much to ask and the benefits will be wonderful.

The choice is yours, your life, your future and your happiness. Let’s make them better together. My new online course A-Z Building Emotional Resilience takes into account your busy schedules and each element of audio, video and email takes under 7 mins, there is a 30 min Zoom call Monday to Friday as well, to support you on your journey.

You can struggle on alone as I did for years and make excuses about things getting better soon, but in reality that is not going to happen. Once I asked for and looked for help, my life became much easier and my journey back albeit painful, each step was in the right direcction, to where I wanted to be. I had spent a long time, not even knowing what direction I wanted to go in, feeling I was going in whichever direction somebody else took me.

Let me help you take care of yourself.

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Stop suffering in silence. Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Stay safe and well.


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