Podcast – Learning From Life

Avoid Burnout NHS course in Leeds on the 10th September at the Andrew Sims Centre

While caring for others you need to be caring for yourself too. A fun, proactive and easy strategy filled afternoon to help you take back control.

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To know more https://www.andrewsimscentre.nhs.uk/book-events/burnout-prevention

Podcast – Learning from Life

Patricia Fripp is the queen of public speaking and has conquered the American dream, quite an achievement for a Brit, listen to how she did it, ups and downs, and golden nuggets that can help you miss some rocks in your road. Click Here to Listen

To know more about Patricia  https://www.fripp.com/


Evelyne Fallows  is sharing how she has conquered physical, psychological and emotional challenges from her humble home in France to  New York Society.              Now a linguist, personal trainer, author,  traveler, foodie, wine lover, kickboxer, reader, tea connoisseur and so much more!    Click Here to Listen

To know more about Evelyne  https://evelynefallows.com/


Samer F Kamel DTM Samer F. Kamal broke down his own demons when he learnt to communicate with confidence. Samer shares his journey, pains and triumphs with Linda, so he can help others

Click Here to Listen


Cal Saul is a powerhouse of energy, knowledge and expertise, but she’s faced many challenges along the way. Cal shares her down-to-earth, honest and clear minded insights    Click Here to Listen 

To know more about Cal www.poweryourpurpose.co.uk


Global public speaker Ed Tate had to fail and learn before achieving his goals. Ed discusses losing everything and starting again, learning new skills and being adaptable             Click Here to Listen

To know more about Ed Tate https://edtate.com/


Marketing consultant and mentor Laura Norman is a bubbly, enthusiastic entrepreneur who has been working hard to make her mark in the difficult area of marketing.      Click Here to Listen

To know more about Laura chromamarketing.co.uk


From a small Italian village to Buckingham Palace, the sailing has never been without its adventures for award-winning speaker Simone Vincenzi: the businessman with a heart of gold  Cl ick Here to Listen 

To know more about Simone gtex.org.uk

Darren LaCroix bombed in comedy clubs and even failed at making sandwiches in Subway before beginning his amazing journey to become the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking.  Click Here to Listen

To know more about Darren https://darrenlacroix.com/

Getting heard as Linda finds out is not just about shouting the loudest with communications expert Steve Bustin.                 Click Here to Listen

To know more about Steve https://www.getyourvoiceheard.co.uk/

Lou Lebentz is the founder of “Trauma Thrivers” a buzzing Facebook group with an online trauma offering arriving soon for people seeking to thrive through their trauma.  Trauma is something that Lou knows all about personally and professionally.    Click Here to Listen

To know more about Lou  https://loulebentz.com/

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