The Power in Your Beliefs

Linda Sage

The Power in Your Beliefs

Your beliefs are the compass and the maps that guide you towards your
goals. Perhaps, you can use them a bit more effectively to help get you
where we want to go.

Do you realise how important your beliefs are? There is no more
powerful directing force in human behaviour than belief. The people
who have changed history – Columbus, Copernicus, Einstein, Edison,
Christ, Mohammed, Gandhi, Mandela and others like them – have been the
people who have changed our beliefs. In many ways, the power that
beliefs have over our lives defies the logical models most of us have.
However, it is clear that powerful beliefs can affect us in equally
powerful ways.

Most of your beliefs are planted at a young age and nurtured, as
thought and ideas get repeated and repeated over time, they become
engrained as “the truth.”  Fortunately “the truth,” is our perception
or reality.  Just like a computer whatever is programmed in, will be
the default setting, we can try to override information, but when
there is a breakdown, rebooting goes back to original programming.

If you have a parent terrified of spiders, you learn by seeing and
hearing that spiders are awful and scary to be around, they are
harmful and dangerous, so your natural reaction is to run away,
scream, cry, shake and panic.  If on the other hand your parents had
no such fears, spiders never posed a threat, just maybe a slight
inconvenience of getting a newspaper, letting them hop on and then
putting them outside again.  The trigger – ie. the spider is the same
for everyone, but our beliefs command our emotions and our behavior.

By the time adulthood arrives your beliefs in many things have become
like breathing, not even a thought to their value and effect on your
life; they are mostly assumed as “this is how I am.”  That is an easy
way to relinquish your responsibility for yourself, each and every one
of your thoughts, beliefs, habits; actions and words are part of you.
How much of that control you give away is also your choice, though it
is much easier to blame others.

Taking time to clean out your beliefs, choose only the helpful ones
and take them forward on your journey, leaving all the rest for the
rubbish collectors to dispose of them.

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