Three major “musts” for any entrepreneur or small business

Three major “musts” for any entrepreneur or small business

Deciding to become an entrepreneur is a huge step in any career path, a step that is risky and very scary, and most entrepreneurs are very naïve at the outset of their business career.  Even when you come from a corporate or educational background and have a sound knowledge of your subject or product, the diverse amount of skills and abilities for one person is incredible and for most daunting.  It is depicted as a luxurious life with all the benefits and none of the negatives of being tied to a “job,” but unfortunately this is equal to an urban myth.

Three major “musts” for any entrepreneur or small business,

1: Be teachable, willing, ready and able to learn, new skills and adapt old skills as flexibility is a key factor in changing markets and societies. Modern technology and Social  Media markets for more mature start ups is a mind boggling experience, unless you have a good mentor to lead you through the maze of modern technology.  This will also save you a lot of money and frustration in the long run.  Don’t jump on gimmicks or instant get rich quick sales pitches, as they are not true and cause many people to lose faith in others and themselves.

  1. Be open, network your socks off, there are millions of people out there trying to launch, increase, and develop their business, just like you. Your knowledge could be their golden key, just as somebody else could hold a golden nugget for you. It is the most inexpensive form of marketing and business development on the planet.  Stop seeing everyone as competition and seeing them as support and a knowledge base.  Surround yourself with positive people, treading a similar path and your journey will be enhanced.

3: Be constant; nothing is created in a rush, or over night, it takes work, dedication and consistency on a daily basis, there is no short cut, lottery win or magic wand.  However, learning to enjoy the journey as much as the outcome, build a daily routine, plot your progress and build on your outcomes. There are many tools to preload your SM output, but they do not load themselves, working on a future basis gives you flexibility and reduces pressure.  Instagram, one picture tell a thousand words, if you are not a wordsmith, then use pictures or outsourcing.  You have to be out there to be found, being out there on a regular basis reaps high return.

Keeping on track, accountable and focused is an ongoing challenge, but like washing or cleaning your teeth you do it on at least a daily basis if not more than once, it is no different, be involved, be present and be interested in ideas, to keep you fresh and moving forward and upward.

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