To Old to Learn?

Today I have been wondering why have I let things slip?  Why are some things a daily routine and almost an automated action without thinking if I even enjoy it?  Creatures of comfort maybe? Better the devil you know?

Routines are good for us and for many people its what life is all about, but as we go through life these methods may just be more of a hindrance than a help. If like me you were not brought up in the techno age, then maybe books are an important part of life. I love the feel, smell and texture of a book, but as I travel a lot my suitcase and especially hand luggage can be very heavy.  I was introduced by a friend to downloading books and films to a recently acquired iPad, now life is much lighter and as I can change the font size reading without glasses is a bonus too!

Also, most of my generation had parents in the war and like everyone then food was rationed and scarce, so we were taught to clear your plate.  A mind lock that had me battling for years with my weight and my conscience, but one that I finally logically reformed into a much more helpful mind set of eating either smaller quantities, or healthier options.

Choice comes with time and experience but learning that we can always learn is important too.  If I had stopped learning I would still be lugging heavy books all round the world, or if I stopped learning when I was a child, I would still be eating too much and struggling with all the emotional baggage that goes with it.

Each day there is something to learn…… what will it be today?

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