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Burnout Prevention, Secondary Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue Understanding & Management

The introduction of our NEW on-line course the A-Z Building Emotional Resilience 

Time is important for all healthcare and key workers, so this new course has 26 sessions Monday to Friday with a video, an audio and an email with tasks to do. There is also a Zoom follow up call later in the day. All of the content is under 7 mins, so a daily investment of the same time that you would shower and brush your teeth, keeping the outside clean, can help keep your inside clean too.

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The workshops/presentations are suitable for people already on their way to burnout, or experiencing secondary traumatic stress or compassion fatigue, whether they know it or not, as well as people who want a better awareness and ideas to guard against it.

Successful Mindset Ltd works on the principles of firstly having awareness of the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue. Secondly, having an acceptance that it can happen to anyone, especially those people who have empathy and understanding with those they care for.

Finally, taking action to reduce the risk and incorporating self-care strategies into daily life.Successful Mindset Ltd workshops have been described as ‘highly interactive, practical and skills-based’. What does that mean? – well, you certainly will not be turning up and listening to Linda talk at you for 3 ½ hours.

Expect to be sharing ideas and tips with other participants, taking part in discussions and exercises to help you understand how this affects you and spend time thinking about the changes that you can make. We also encourage you to make a commitment to take action and make some changes, but these will be personal to you.

What you will not be doing is any role play, chanting, yoga, or meditation. You also will not be told that there is one simple ‘one size fits all’ solution to compassion fatigue that you can take home and everything will be ok. But you will go away with a greater understanding of how compassion fatigue affects you and have time to explore strategies that will work for you to help guard against compassion fatigue, or lessen the symptoms.

Are You Running on Empty? Workshop & Key Note

All sessions now have been adapted to be delivered on-line in multiples of 1 hour segments

  • The flagship programme in compassion fatigue and self-care
  • Introduction to the concepts of compassion fatigue and burnout and how they can be prevented
  • Practical, hands-on session with lots of time to discuss the subject and make and action plan
  • Suitable for both clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Workshop adapted for the profession of the audience
  • 1 hr introduction
  • ½ day session or 4 x 1hr or 2 x 2 hr available BOOK HERE
  • A full day when combined Walking on a Tightrope workshop
  • Held at your own premises or Online for 8 – 25 participants
  • Skills-based, practical session with participants leaving with an action plan for self-development
  • Resources for all participant

Walking a Tightrope Workshop

Follow up course to Are You Running on Empty? First looking at the idea of self-resilience & self-reliability in more detail

All sessions now have been adapted to be delivered on-line in multiples of 1 hour segments

  • A practical workshop on how to improve resilience when working in stressful environments in order to prevent compassion fatigue and increase job satisfaction
  • Suitable for anyone who has attended our Are You Running on Empty? workshop
  • Workshop adapted for the professional field of participants
  • ½ day, or 4 x 1 hr, or 2 x 2 hr sessions
  • or can be combined into a full day with Are You Running on Empty? workshop
  • Held at your own premises or online for 8 – 25 participants
  • Skills-based, a practical session with participants leaving with an action plan for self-development and motivational props to help support them.
  • Resources for all participant

Additional Training and Coaching Services Offered

  • All courses can be tailored to the needs of staff.
  • Bespoke 2hrs, ½ and full-day workshops in compassion fatigue
  • Workshop – Introduction to leadership skills for managers/team leaders
  • Introduction of strategies to guard against compassion fatigue.
  • Positive mindset and life balancing.
  • Public speaking, presentation skills.
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