Travel Broadens the Mind

Travel Broadens the Mind

Many, many people are avid travelers, myself included, but often I wish that we could be beamed up and set down.  Thursday evening I set out on my trip to Riyadh airport, boarded the plane for Jeddah, sat out the five and a half hours (all night) in the almost nonexistent lounge to board the next flight to Johannesburg.  They had changed the plane and upgraded me to business class, woo hoo! Slinking back in the declinable,  bedlike chair, head set on….. away with the fairies.

Then, arrive in Joburg slightly delayed about 35mins, to be told I have been offloaded from the next flight to Cape Town to have a three hour wait, min you that did take me 6 people and four different areas, to get the information. Tension and blood pressure had risen, by which time I was ready for a wine or two!  Hey ho, got some dinner, (not just liquid) and settled in for a couple of hours.

Jumped on the flight for Cape Town, snoozed a bit and two hours flew (so to speak) as we were coming into decent over Cape Town a magical view below, like a spun gold cloth laid out below.  On landing it went a bit smoother, right through to the car hire and an easy drive to Camps Bay, not much to see at night, arrived at the hotel tired and dirty.

Shower and bed, could hear a pounding in the distance did not think much of it.  The next morning….. Opening the curtains, wow, wow, wow  sea, sand and people.  May not seem much but coming from Saudi it this “normal life.” Then I realized how much you miss things without realizing it.  Pushing things to the back of our minds is a coping mechanism, then wham in your face!Cape Town Day 1 002

Than spending the day with penguins, deer, baboons, antelopes, geese, seals and an eagle all in their natural habitat, under a lovely sun with a gentle breeze made me realize how incredibly lucky I am. Sitting watching the pounding of the surf in  Cape  Hope is a far flung place from the tiny British village of Wainscott where I grew up.  The cacophony of languages and smiling, faces showed a clear appreciation of new surroundings for many people.

Cape Town Day 1 173

Travel, is it easy? Not always.   Is it worth it – Yes, always.  Where would you like to be???????

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