Unlock yourself and care for yourself as much as you do others – Let me help you

Linda Sage

I want to help you to unlock yourself and care for yourself as much as you do others.

 Are you ready to join a supportive network of amazing caregivers?


But you feel like you don’t know who to trust?  There are so many coaches and self-help programs “out there” which leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and undecided – so instead you do nothing.

Well, not anymore, it is time to be part of a community of amazing caregivers – it’s time to find your confidence regain your passion in the wonderful work that you do as a caregiver.



In this TRANSFORMATIONAL online SUPPORTIVE Coaching Club, I am going to bring you together with like-minded caregiving professionals, volunteers and home carers.  I will show you how to protect yourself from being overwhelmed and burnt out, both of which have become the culture of healthcare globally today.


mindsetYou are going to learn how to:

CONFIDENTIALLY COMMUNICATE with yourself and others, identify your needs and set your boundaries, through utilising tried and tested techniques, which you will learn and get to practice during the “optional” online Mastermind sessions.


Wouldn’t Your Life be Different if You Could:

  •  Identify & Prioritise your challenges
  • Understand the types of people around you
  • Understand yourself and your triggers
  • Set your boundaries
  • Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Speak confidently to share your needs
  • Learn to say No


1a7c8-neg4What You Will Learn?


My supportive online self-awareness Coaching Club Membership will assist you in developing better communications with yourself and others, understanding and respect for yourself and others.

By utilising the empowering tools within this Coaching Club Membership and by connecting with other participants via a closed support group and the optional Mastermind coaching session, you can become an excellent communicator without ever feeling overwhelmed, insecure and unworthy.

 Sessions and sections:

 All About You:

Self-awareness is all about you and your strengths, beliefs, habits, traits, unique self, back-up strategies, the way you interact with your people and environment.

· Attitudes & Beliefs

· Emotions

· Patterns of Behaviour

· Core Values (driving forces)

· Levels of Human Needs

· Fears, Phobias, Habits


Understanding the pressures in your environment which are influencing your life and causing you to adjust your natural style, leading you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, undervalued and unfulfilled.

· Stress and How it Impacts You

· Taking Responsibility

· Resilience

· Managing Your Mindset

· Goal Setting for Motivation

· Cultural Matters

Empowering You:

Regain your strength, discover ways to nurture yourself. Learn how to meet your needs, without guilt or remorse.

Gain and understanding of alternative support methods for your personal growth.

· Importance of Self Belief

· An Attitude of Gratitude

· Reike to Relax

· Holistic Therapies – Myth Busting

· Being You – Authenticity

Access The Coaching Club Online 24/7, 365 days



stress1Who Is This For?

This Coaching Club Membership is for all caregivers whether professional, voluntary, home-based or entrepreneurs, who all have a deep desire to communicate more effectively with themselves and others and increase your emotional resilience to create the life you want to live.


· It’s for you if you are struggling to communicate your needs. 

· It’s for you if you don’t know who to trust and you are feeling frustrated, unappreciated, not validated and isolated. 

I want to help you uncover your challenges and give you a framework to help you build your resilience and to speak up and show people how YOU deserve to be treated.


In prisonBONUS: Get Masterclass Coaching each month!

The “optional” group coaching is held the 1st Wednesday evening of each month via ZOOM Online Conferencing Call.

Sessions will start at 07:00pm sharp and conclude at 8:00pm GMT.  We will work on your issues, live on these calls. (Please note, we may go over time).

How Long is the Coaching Club Programme?

This is a self-paced online support. You will be able to work through all the videos, articles, blogs, newsletters and online/live events in your own time, and with the added support of the “optional” live Masterclass coaching sessions, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and so much more.

Me newMy Promise To You –

What You Will Walk Away With!


This Coaching Club Membership is interactive. You will learn about yourself and what makes you tick, valuing your self-care and offloading baggage that is holding you back.

You will discover different models to help you to think differently when interacting and communicating with others.

I will be there walking beside you. I am a qualified psychologist  –  I absolutely get YOU, and I feel your pain, frustration and total feeling of lack of validation. Having been through my own major emotional, psychological and physical burnout in 2005 and the long journey coming back from its devastating effects.

You will walk away with frameworks from my 30 years’ (plus) experience, knowledge and expertise as a psychologist, speaker, mentor/coach and author. During all these decades I have continued my education and development with coaches, courses and education with world-renowned experts.

You will have clarity on how to safeguard yourself, design your outcomes by communicating more effectively with yourself and others, whilst maintaining your authenticity.  You will know exactly what you need to do to get people to listen and to your needs.  You will walk away empowered.


invest in youWhat Is My Investment? 


I am so glad that you asked about the investment for this Coaching Club Membership because that is exactly what it is an investment in YOU.  Caregivers know how to nurture others extremely well, but often put themselves last.


I have combined everything I know about dealing with those monsters about caring for yourself and tackling those challenging conversations, in order for you to build your resilience, and find your voice. This is all made possible via an online supportive environment and in the comfort of your own home. I am providing a place which is nourishing, inspiring and where you get to make new friends who are just like you.

 That is priceless.

This is a unique environment where caregivers can come together, debrief, share and support one another, in a safe and non-judgemental space. I have created this community of unstoppable caregivers to reignite the courage, compassion and connection back into caregiving.

The EARLY BIRD pricing will be available until the 1st of February, so make sure you book below.  The pricing will increase on the 1st of February when the program is officially launched.

Group Coaching and Resources                     

Bronze Offer

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    Group Coaching + Resources+Masterclass

Silver Package Offer

And….. if you would like 1-2-1 access to me, you might prefer these offers:

Gold Coaching Package Sign up Now and see how I can help you:


 I am always here to help caregivers care for themselves, having survived a major burnout – I know prevention is better than cure.  Coming out of denial is scary, but it is the only way to build yourself and your resilience.

Still undecided?  If you need to speak to me, book a FREE 15-minute call and let’s discuss your personal situation.

Here’s to your self-care.






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