What are You Worth?

Linda Sage

Next time you check-in at an airport with your carefully prepared and pre weighed luggage,  how would you feel if you were then  told,  you have to pay excess baggage on your over load of emotional baggage?   Lugging all those fears, phobias, guilts, habits and responsibilities around with you on a daily basis takes its toll.

Plus, a lot of them are  outdated and unhelpful, to your present life. If you could just carry around with you the helpful habits and choose your responsibilities how much lighter would your life be?  In fact, you can; making the choice is up to you, except you are usually so far down your list, that you never get that far!

Every morning you jump in the shower and say to yourself, “today is the day, I am going to” start the diet, learn a new skill, make time for me, look for a job, whatever it is you promise yourself; the morning starts well and you feel empowered, then a friend comes along, let’s go to lunch, go shopping, do anything, except what you had planned to do, do you stand your ground and say “No, sorry I am planning to…..” or do you feel guilty about letting them down, or upsetting them, you give in and break your promise to yourself.    You console yourself with, I will start tomorrow, but tomorrow  what comes along?

Your promises to yourself are the most important, but they are the ones easiest to break, if you do not treat yourself as important and worthy of your promises, why would anyone else think you are? Why allow your goals, plans and ambitions to be side tracked on a regular basis, when they could possibly make all the difference to you and the people around you.

It is not selfish, uncaring or irrational to want to be yourself and achieve things for yourself, even if you are wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend or lover.  You will bring much more to all of your relationships if you are the person you want to be, aching and doing the things you want to do.

You cannot change for other, or change somebody else, but you can choose to change for you and see how everything and others around you change in their relationships with you.  Respect yourself and others will too.

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