You Have a C.H.O.I.C.E

Linda Sage

Choice, is something you often forget you have, there are so many ingrained beliefs and habits, that make you feel, this is who I am, this is just the way I do things.  Were you brought up with “life is a struggle,” for previous generations living through World Wars, rationing and real fear of life and death, was a struggle, but thankfully people nowadays live more with created fears than real ones; that is not to say that they feel any less real than when bombs were falling around people on a daily basis.

Over many years of personal struggle and supporting thousands of others in many countries in their quest to leave struggling behind them to find a more happy and stable life, no matter what age, colour, creed, gender or social standing changing your choice comes down to:

C – Core beliefs

H – Habits

O – Ownership

I – Investment in self

C – Change

E – Excuses

C – Core beliefs, this takes times to look at your fundamental beliefs and I am not talking religion, beliefs about yourself and your worthiness of a happy life.  Many of you have been taught that thinking of yourself first is selfish, but if you are the mainstay of your family or you business, what happens to everyone else, if you are not there?  Especially as an entrepreneur it is vital that your priority is you.  Not in a dictatorial way, but  a reasonable and planed basis.

H – Habits, are a like breathing you do not wake up in the morning and think I must remember to breathe, nor do you think I must remember to be forgetful, or clumsy or only do tasks in a certain way, because that is my way and that is how it is always been done.  Habits, all habits are learnt, good and bad, so thankfully they can be unlearnt and changed for the better.  Just think of a new born baby, it does not have any concepts except its basic needs, everything is learnt by time and conditioning.

O – Ownership of outdated or unhelpful beliefs, it is easy to blame your parents, the teacher, the coach, the school/college/university, your boss/colleagues, the government; hey they are millions of “others.”  At the final line, it is your life, is existing enough or do you want your life?

I – Invest in yourself, this is not just financial, time, is just as important and you will function much better when you incorporate “MAX” (my activity x) into your daily diary.

Though I do deeply believe the quickest way to move forward is with a mentor/coach, in the long run they save you a lot of tears, heartache and financial outlay.  Two things you should never stop is promotion and development for yourself or your business, Lifelong learning should be a written policy in your personal and business plan.

C –  Change, one thing on life is guaranteed, change happens; so why are you scared or reluctant to change?  It is the door of opportunity, new horizons and new outcomes. One thing is certain, if you are not happy with any element of your life at the moment and you make no change there (that also is a choice) then expecting anything different to happen is a waste of your time and energy.  A bit like trying to hold the tide back.

E –Excuses – Yes, there are trillions, not the right time, I try but it does not work, tomorrow, next week, next year, when the kids have grown, when I have money in the bank, when, when, when, your excuses are the only limitation to your potential. Kick it into touch and say NOW! TODAY! Enough is enough.

Just think for one moment about planning a wedding, journey or event, most people put more time and effort into the panning of one event, than of any planning of their life.  If you are not holding the reins how can you possibly control the direction in which your life is going?

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