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Providing education and awareness about violent crime, its causes, and consequences. Get to know the behaviour traits that lead to murder!

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Let me introduce myself...

Hello, I'm Linda Sage, an eminent Criminal Psychologist with four decades of experience of the Prisons Service. I actively contribute to the prevention of violent crimes and promote community safety.

As a result of meticulous observation and insightful questioning of thousands of prisoners, I gain a deep understanding of the psychological and emotional repercussions of social harms. Equally important, my career now provides sharing valuable insights of violence to help people understand their body language, gestures and their mindset.

As an expert in recognising triggers and warning signs, I help individuals to take proactive measures for their well-being. I have helped numerous individuals, both inside and outside prison to avoid potentially harmful situations and establish healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

By sharing my insights in the courtrooms and knowledge about people and places, I have earned the trust and respect of many in the criminal justice field. But, my mission goes beyond academia and professional practice as I'm dedicated to intervening and preventing violent crimes and toxic relationships. Through educational initiatives and awareness campaigns, I aim to create safer communities for everyone.

So, my question is this - Are you ready to join forces and build a future where understanding triumphs over social violence? Do you want to learn more about what potential killers can do? I’m waiting for your call…


Inspiring Awareness

  • Really enjoyed the talk and understand the nuances of murderer and serial killer.

  • A very informative, interesting lecture. I could listen to hours of your professional skills and information.

Professional Speaker of Real-Life True Crimes

  • Helping professionals improve their understanding of the process of violent escalation from domestic abuse to murder.

  • Do you have a general curiosity or a deeper desire to explore infamous and heinous individuals. Join us at this event.

  • Sharing personal insights and experiences related to social sciences, along with interactions with infamous killers.

Insights into Infamy