Helping organisations cultivate and strengthen the mental health capacity of their staff in order to increase morale, enhance productivity and improve retention 

Almost two years of one of the most difficult times on the planet for 100 years – and we were even separated from those we loved and needed. 

You wake up feeling tired, moody, disengaged, lost –  before even beginning.

At the end of the day, you’ve got no patience for your family, everything makes you hit the roof and suddenly your healthy habits turn into junk food and a  glass of wine is the friend keeping you in check.
Staff and management are in denial about the profound and long-term effects of mental health and the hidden disabilities in their workplace. It always has a knock-on effect into their relationships and personal lives.
It can’t carry on –  This won’t be fixed by ignoring it. But it can be alleviated with awareness, understanding, and strategies. Some are simple tweaks others are changes to workplace culture.
Successful Mindset have helped thousands of people and companies globally to be more inclusive, aware and proactive towards mental health and hidden disabilities, be a leader in your field, after all your staff are your biggest asset, investing in them is investing in yourself and your business.

Time to change and unmask mental health and hidden disabilities in your workplace: 

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Linda Sage
Linda Sage


Physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion do not have to be synonymous with going to work, Self-care is not a luxury.

Breaking a toxic work environment takes both the individual and the management. Being aware of mental health signs, symptoms and effects, then building support strategies is essential.  Anxiety, stress, depression and burnout are preventable. Linda trains from professional and personal knowledge and experience, prevention is always preferable.


Reducing stress & anxiety, how to stop self-sabotage and mental health awareness are key areas that Linda simplifies whilst demystifying psychology to help to make changes more easy and long-lasting.  Employees and employers all gain with a happier, more engaged staff.  With over 40 years of experience, helping people with a wide array of mental health issues, reduce anxiety, stress, depression and prevent burnout.  Feeling good in yourself helps others. Her down-to-earth manner enlightens, entertains and enthralls audiences from all backgrounds.


Not into courses or coaching?  Then Caring for the Caregiver book offers you a clear, easy to follow, step by step way to see where and why you are self-sabotaging and how you can stop.  Learn to love yourself, trust your judgements and enjoy your life.

Linda shares her personal and professional knowledge, experience and anecdotes to show that she, like many has fallen foul of negative thoughts and beliefs; to conquer them, come out stronger and able to help others in the self-care process.

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