Are you a professional, voluntary, home-based healthcare or key worker who is feeling overwhelmed, undervalued and exhausted? Caring for yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity; reconnect with yourself, redefine your boundaries and redesign your future.  Caring for others does not mean caring less for yourself.

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 Supporting healthcare staff to prevent burnout, manage traumatic stress and compassion fatigue

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Linda Sage
Linda Sage


Reducing stress and how to stop self-sabotage are two key areas that Linda simplifies whilst demystifying psychology to help making changes more easy and long lasting. With over 30 years of experience, helping people prevent burnout, manager secondary traumatic stress and compassion fatigue.  Feel good in yourself while helping others. Her down to earth manner enlightens, entertains and enthrals audiences from all backgrounds.


Physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion do not have to be synonymous with care provision, as long as you care for yourself as much as you care for others. Building emotional resilience is essential in all healthcare and key working roles, Linda trains from professional and personal knowledge and experience, prevention of burnout is always preferable to recovery.


Not into courses or coaching?  Then Caring for the Caregiver book offers you a clear, easy to follow, step by step way to see where and why you are self-sabotaging and how you can stop.  Learn to love yourself, trust your judgements and enjoy your life.

Linda shares her personal and professional knowledge, experience and anecdotes to show that she, like many has fallen foul of negative thoughts and beliefs; to conquer them, come out stronger and able to help others in the self-care process.