I help professional, voluntary, home-based care providers stop losing themself while saving others. Reconnect, revalue & redefine yourself.

Self-care is not a luxury – it is a necessity

Linda Sage MA, BA Ed (Hons), DTM

 Supporting healthcare staff to avoid burnout, manage traumatic stress and compassion fatigue


Linda encompasses her knowledge and understanding of how our minds work and how to reduce stress and self sabotage in easy ways, demystifying psychology and making change easy.  Her down to earth manner enlightens, entertains and enthrals audiences from all backgrounds.


Linda as a trainer can offer insightful, interactive sessions to offer many solutions to emotional and psychological barriers that keep us locked into a life that does not make us happy.  This training can be bespoke to critical, individual self-care needs to enhance emotional resilience, or part of her more global workshops.


Linda is a successful author of books and a variety of international articles.  All her books are proactive, self-help, easy to read paperbacks.  Sharing her personal and professional knowledge, experience and anecdotes to show that she, like many has fallen foul of negative thoughts and beliefs; to conquer them, come out stronger and able to help others in the self-care process.